We Manufacture, Distribute, Import and Export Medical Devices

Costiway Healthcare is a Medical Device Manufacturer, Distributor, Importer and Exporter founded in 2012 in Centurion /Pretoria, since 2020 relocated to Midrand, Gauteng.

We proud ourselves with a fully equipped clean room, manufacturing site & warehousing facilities.


From a modest start we’ve grown to serve many healthcare facilities and healthcare practitioners, nationally, SADC – Region and Southern Africa, sustainably and successfully.

Costiway Healthcare has the ability, in-house knowledge and flexibility to accommodate specific/specialized surgical custom-made trays & packs.


Since 2022, Costiway Healthcare has entered the Medical Device Industry with more initiatives regarding R&D in the Oncology, Infusion and Capital Equipment field, acquiring strong strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

Our Product Portfolio consist of Disposable Trays & Packs, Infusion Basket, Oncology & Renal Basket, Capital Equipment, Ancillary Medical Devices, etc.


Costiway Healthcare has a presence in the Private Healthcare Hospital and Out-Patient Facilities & Mining Sector, Government Healthcare Sector and Academic Hospitals.


We are very fortunate and proud to have a well-established, professional and clinical trained sales team, with representation in all nine provinces. Our team calls on Healthcare Professionals & Medical Facilities and support the end user (patients). They assist with applications and CPD training sessions and is, very much involved with the day-to-day activities especially in Oncology/ Out-Patients Chemo-units.


Distribution Channels & Partners

Healthcare Facilities

Compliance, Approvals and R&D